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Here are a lot of our frequently asked questions's answered!

If you have any questions that you think should be on this page, please email us and we will gladly answer them!

Do I have to be trade or a registered customer to use your site?

Our company and website is for business use ONLY. We supply retail shops, market traders, schools, play groups, charity fund raising etc

We do not supply the consumer. By ticking our 'terms & conditions' box in checkout confirms that you are purchasing for business use.

As we trade business to business, we do not have to comply with distance selling regulations.

Can I come in and look around the warehouse?

No. Unfortuantely, we are no longer a cash and carry. In order to keep our stock levels accurate, we do not allow customers into the warehouse. You are welcome to collect your order, once it has been placed online and you have been contacted to notify you that it is ready. However, you can not look around the warehouse and add to your order. This is purely due to the time taken to process any additions and not all stock on our shelves is available, it may be reserved by the orders held on the online system that are yet to be gathered. We can not break this rule as we would be inundated with addditions to orders and this is just not practical!  


I am not very good on the internet and wish to place my order over the phone. Is this possible?

We do not offer a telesales service. However, if you are experiencing techincal issues, we will do our utmost to help. Our system is not designed to accept orders over the telephone. For security reasons, we are unable to do this and any first time users MUST place their order online and be prepared to pay for it through our secure payment gateway. If you are having trouble using the website, please give us a call and we will talk you through the process.


Do you accept Paypal?

After a trial period with Paypal and high commission charges, we are unwilling to offer Paypal as a payment method. 

Do you accept cheques as a form of payment?

As you are aware, the banks are phasing out cheques and our system is not geared up for cheque payments. We understand that this is difficult for schools and councils. If your school/council does not possess a credit or debit card, please call us and we can arrange alternative payment methods. 

How do I pay by BACS?

BACS is not a primary payment option. However, if you do wish to pay by this method, please call us during office hours when you are ready to finalise your order and we will willing switch on the BACS payment feature. Please note, that if payment is not in the account within 72 hours, the order will automatically be cancelled and all items will be put back into stock to be sold.


Can I return something if it doesn't sell?

We are not obliged to offer the facility to return stock that doesn't sell. We may consider this under exceptional circumstances, however, carriage would have to be paid for the return of stock and it must be in the condition it was when sent out. A handling fee may also apply. We would like to stress that this is generally not an accepted condition.


How long will my order take to process?

This is a hard question to answer! We aim to deliver all orders within 3-5 working days. The majority of our orders are turned around within 3 working days. Please be aware that after special events/offers and weekends, orders may take longer to process. We process ALL orders in date order- we will not allow people to queue jump! However, if we are aware of a deadline, we will do our best to accomodate this.


If I buy large quantities of stock- am I entitled to a discount/free carriage?

Everyone's definition of "large" is very different. We are always happy to quote a price for large quantities of one or two products. However, orders that are of high value but of a large range of items, then the best prices are all on the website. Because a lot of our customers opt to collect, we have set a carriage paid amount of £200. Please note, that this is for zone 1 locations ONLY. To check if you are in this zone, please click here. 

I am trying to buy 50 of a certain item but your system will only let me order 25- what am I doing wrong?

Nothing! Our system is designed to only sell what we have available for sale. If you wish to order more, please give us a call and we will see if we are awaiting a delivery. Failing that, we may be able to order the stock in for you.


Can I add something to my order?

Once the order has gone through checkout, it is very difficult to add to the order. This is due to our payment system with Sagepay. We are unable to increase the value of any order as we cannot take extra funds from the original payment. Any additions, has to be a manual process onto a second invoice with a seperate payment, via the streamline machine. Although this can be done, it is very time consuming and does cause disruptions in order processing so we prefer not to do this. Saying that, we are here to help and if you are desperate, then this can be done.


How do I log in/register?

There are 2 ways to register. Simply click on the "customer log in" tab at the top of the website which will load the "new customer" form that you need to fill in. You will then be able to log in to our website. The second way is by simply filling in your details when you are in our check out. The option will be there for you to register as a new customer. Just type in a memorable password and away you go!


Do you produce a catalogue?

No! Because our range of products is so large and changes on a regular basis, we do not produce a catalogue. We have the website that is very easy to use, simple to navigate around and updated daily.


I have purchased an item and no longer want it. How do I go about sending it back?

As we are wholesalers supplying the trade for business use, we are not bound by the Distance Selling Regulations as it does not apply to our industry and therefore the same "rights" do not apply. We will look at your request and always do our best to help as our customers are very important to us. You are welcome to send it back as long as it is the condition it was when it was sent out, please note that any carriage charges will have to be paid for by yourself.


I wish to place an order online but I would like to pay by cash on collection, is this possible?

We have wasted a lot of time gathering orders for customers who have said this and just not turned up to collect, therefore, this is no longer an option. All customers must pay for their orders in advance, unless pre-arranged with a member of staff.


I have an order in my basket but I can't get through checkout... Why is this?

This is most likely because you have not reached the minimum spend of £50 (before VAT and delivery). Our system is set up so that any order below this amount, will not be allowed through checkout.  Please add more items into your basket and then the "proceed to checkout" button will be enabled. If this not the case, please call us and we will look into this.


Why do you have a minimum spend?

Our minimum spend is set at £50 as we are wholesalers supplying stock for business use. We are only able to supply trade (business) customers.


Do you Export?

Sorry we no longer export due the the red tape and paperwork involved. We will review this as time goes on. We are not able to supply Country of Origin or Commodity codes.

My credit card is not accepted by your website, can I pay over the telephone?

Our system accepts ALL cards except for American Express. Our payment gateway is hosted by Sagepay which is the UK's number 1 online provider. If for any reason Sagepay decline your card, the issues are bank related and not with us. Please note that we will not accept card payments over the telephone for security reasons.


I order lighters on every order I place but they are always taken off- does this mean that you are out of stock?

If you are having your order dispatched then this is not the case. We are no longer able to send lighters out via the couriers that we use as they are seen as a potential hazard due to the butane content. They are still for sale on the website ONLY to customers who collect their orders.


Can you send me a sample?

As many of our products are sold by the display box or carton, we are unable to break into them and send a sample. You are welcome to purchase whole units and use this to analyse and decide. Please call us regarding this matter as if this is all you are purchasing, you will not be able to get through checkout.

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